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And the award goes too...

I will be completing three years of blogging this month and during this time have made some of my best friendships through blogs. Although with time some of them have faded, some of them lost, some of them have been forgotten but then some of them passed the test of time. I may never meet some of the bloggers but our friendships will remain because it has passed a stage where we don't need to comment on each other's blogs to express our desire of friendship. Ok, I don't want to give a long bhashaan but want to do something fun. What can be more fun then giving fake awards to all my friends over the years. This is just for fun, so let's keep it that way...

  1. The laziest storyteller of my blogword - The award goes to none other than Anks. Thankfully for me, I started reading her story when it was almost complete but have heard of some torture stories of the wait for one part after another. Jokes apart, she is one of the most talented bloggers with a knack for writing, painting, cooking, story-telling and travelling ( her 2 hour long job site everyday).
  2. The Smiling girl of my blogworld - The award goes to one blogger who always end her blogs with wishes of smile for others, Anz. She was one of my first friends in the big-bad world of blogging and even though our friendship have changed colors over time, she still remains one blogger who I can chat anything and everything about. It helps that she is awake at most odd times of the night when most "normal" people are
  3. The funny-bone of my blogworld - I think not only all his bones are funny but tissues, muscles, body-organs, hair (esp. moustache hair), everything is funny. He is none other than Mr. Chandu. If you want to meet him, he can be found outside Bangalore Gurudware on Sundays wearing polka dotted dhoti...he he.
  4. The incident-prone traveler of my blogworld - She writes the best travel posts because something or the other happens that makes it so interesting. She is none other than colorful Colors. I can't wait for her next incident-filled travel to my part of the world next summer.
  5. The Gujrati cheese of my blogworld - She is Gujrati and her blogs are the cheesiest with the extra sprinkling of lovezilla cheese. She is Kaush from the GujjuPunju unity blog. I am not much in touch with her and we had our ups and downs during these three years but also had some of the fun times at the peak of blogging.
  6. The most wanted blogger of my blogworld - She is one reason I am writing this blog because if she would have encouraged (read: bugged) me to keep updating, I wouldn't have made all these wonderful friendships. She is none other than Mehak and she is most-wanted because not only she is most loved but everyone wants her to start writing again. Am I right guys/gals?
  7. The social consious of my blogworld - She writes about everything from politics to women's affairs to movies to sports to shayaris but all her posts have a social consious that makes one think. She is no one else but loonie the moonie. I haven't had lot of interaction with her apart from blogs but she has remained one of the most common visitor to my blog.
  8. The Gujrati-with-eye-on-moon (not to build a Motel) of my blogworld - She is my another Gujju friend who is struck by moon and the heavenly planets. She is the India-crazy Moonstruck who has tried to tempt me by showing up as M&Ms We have chatted, fought, talked, discussed and done everything friends do under the sun (errr....moon).
  9. The sentiMental of my blogworld - She has made me senti and moresover made me mental. She is none other than senti with an extra dose of mental, Neetie. We don't talk regularly these days like we used to but when we do there is no hesitation between us. I keep blabeering and she keeps laughing. She has changed for good over the years and as she always says to everyone, God Bless!!
  10. The cooking Mayteeeeeeee of my blogworld - She is the reason I started to cook regularly and speak so fluent Ozzie She is Kanpur-raised Nupur, who is as Ozzie as she is Kanpuriya. She is another blogger who am very comfortable talking to, more so when it is about food. Her dahi-chawal recipe still rocks for a single person like myself. Cheers to you Mayteeeeeeee !! OnO
  11. The rain-girl of my blogworld - She is one of my oldest friend (not in age ofcourse) who has always made me look at rain from different angles. She is another very multi-talented blogger, Payal, who is an artist, writer, poetess, sculpture, fashion designer, Happy Birthday singer and above all a loyal friend. I can't wait to read her next interpretation of rain **hint hint Payal**
  12. The review queen of my blog-world - I am not sure how I forgot to mention her in the first draft of this post but she is really the reviews ke rani of my blogworld. She is the ever vivacious Pinks or as calls herself the lazy She has written some fabulous reviews, some that I agreed with and some I agreed to disagree with. She is also the most talented when it comes to making her own templates for blogs.
  13. The South Indian with gajab ke Hindi of my blogworld - She is south Indian but knows of atleast 100 ways to give me sweet sweet gaalis in hindi from atyachari to branhmchari to shakahari. She is another blogger who has stopped blogging not because of lack of time but sheer laziness :P She is the fluent-hindi-speaking-south-Indian, Preeti. But beware of her because she is the reason for spreading my polka-dot rumours (grrrrrrrrrrrrr)
  14. The love story of my blogworld - They are the cutest couple in the blogworld with the most heart-warming love story. When a Punju girl meets a Rajsthani guy, it not only results in the most expressive blog but great food recipes :P They are none other than inseperable, Preeti-Sachin. I wish everyone has a love story as beautiful as theirs.
  15. The most hardworking Princess of my blogworld - She is one blogger who has done some action to her words. She may have stopped blogging but her words and actions are an inspiration to me and so many others. She is our Princess who has made a difference to the world we all live in.
  16. The most loved blogger of my blogworld - As the title suggests, she is indeed the most loved blogger of my blog world. She is the elusive Red jee, whose post still haunts my consious. She may only come online once in a while but that is enough for me to consider myself lucky enough to be in her presence.
  17. The across the border friend of my blogworld - When I started blogging it was to meet Indians from around the world, little did I knew that I will meet a friend who I may never meet or who lives in a country that I may never cheer for in a cricket match or who I will have more in common with than anyone I have ever met. She is the blogger from the other side of the fence, Reema. I don't think mere words can describe our beautiful friendship that has broken all borders created by the politicians.
  18. The expressive feeling my blogworld - She is the most expressive blogger whose feelings come poring out of her words. She is very much loved Juneli, who has written some of the most memorable, expressive, extensive and poetic posts. The sincerity with which she leads her life reflects in her posts. She is my another across the more friendly border friend.
  19. The khamakha of my blogworld - She became my friend khamakha, bugs me khamakha, debates with me khamakha, writes khamakha, eats hardly khamakha and is my cutest friend khamakha. She is khamakha se bharpoor, Sonali. She has taught me some Bengali that she herself learned from her friends. She is another of my long-time friend that has made me a better person khamakha.
  20. The cricket crazy of my blogworld - She is crazy and cricket-fanatic. She may not write often but her posts are all about quality that is unmatched just like Tendulkar's 100. She is cricket-crazy and waise bhi crazy Riddhi. I hope she writes often because she is one hell of a writer who can bounce you with her words just like Shoaib bounces Ganguly.
  21. The best combo of my blogworld - She is exotic and she is hot (or as she calls drool-worthy). You can't get a better combo than that and that's what makes her unique. She is none other than Marlee. And to add more spice to that combo, she is one person who can out-smart even myself with her wit and intelligence.
  22. The photogenic photographer of my blogworld - If there is one guy who every girl 'clicks' with other than me, then it is Pranshu. He sees the world from a different angle and is one of my very select few guy friends in the blogworld.
  23. The Bengali beauty with brains of my blogworld - She is my most smart, hardworking, beautiful bengali friend who is one of the best singers in my blogworld. She is the most dynamic Aindrila, who not only has the most unique name but is a unique person in her own rights. She is an amazing person and one of my most cherished friends.
  24. The Chuii Muii of my blogworld - She is one friend who I hope never stop **smiling**. The way she expresses herself with poetry and songs is unmatched. She is none other than my chuii muii friend, hope. She makes sure I smile everytime she sees me online. The simpleness of our friendship is something that makes me hopeful that there are still few things in the world that are best kept simple.
  25. The coolest mom of my blogworld - I wish everyone has a cool mom like her. She is my newest friend, Fuzzy. If only everyone had a sense of humour like her, the world will be a funny place to live As Ina would say, "Ma abba chabba jabba"
  26. The best visitor of my blogworld - Each and everyone who visited my blog once and left their comments or read it silently is the winner of this last award. Somehow each and everyone of you have encouraged me to write. Thank You !!


Blogger Reema said...

hehe, this is soo cuute!! good idea.. i may not be very active, but most of the blogs iv read are all through u :D

hehe.. we meet one day ok! cant believe its been arnd 2 years iv known u.. had some great great times! we dont really talk that much anymore, but ur soo right when u talk passing the time when u hafta express it out.. been gooood! :)

and i soo agree with Juneli being the most expressive blogger.. she's a real sweetheart!!

happy 3rd nniversary! :)

11:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dat was gud fun ricky...but i am sad u din mention my name :(..atleast most laziest blogger mien toh hona chaiye tha :p


11:57 PM  
Blogger The Bhandari's said...

Hey Hapy third blog anniversary Ricky..
great to read all this and most of the blogs I don't know about thanks for telling Now I have more blogs to hop on :)
Preeti and Sachin

4:43 AM  
Blogger Moonie said...

sweet ! [:)] well the compliment goes back to you too, Ricky, you are one of the most interesting blogger I read!

11:14 AM  
Blogger Riddhi said...

I think we give Ricky a vote on this here's something for Ricky!

The most lovable chum in my blogworld - I met Ricky through Orkut and not through blogging but his writing has inspired in ways that nothing else has - due simply to its variety and more than anything else, the down to earth element in it. Getting to know Ricky personally was even better because he's a friend for all seasons and all reasons. Here's to a very special Itmad-ud-daulah-loving, cricket-crazy, politics-critiqing and great-chef Delhite in my life! Cheers to Ricky!!

I need a bunch of "hear, hear"s to back me up, people!!

5:17 PM  
Blogger Laymiro said...

Uh Oh *gives that Oh I want to save the world wala miss world expression*

Ladkiyon kee itti bheed mein mera naam likhne kee yaad rahi tereko :D good good :D

And we all are also really glad to be connected to you through blogging :)

7:29 PM  
Blogger Ekta said...

WOW! Innovative once again :-)

thanks for the award...I'd like to thank my mumma, papa for access to the Internet & not worrying over the huge dial-up bills neighbors...:p

Saadi Dosti Zindabad!!!

8:50 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

sirf ek para padha hai.... smajh nahi aa raha thanks kahoon doon ya 6inch kee heel!!!


more comments after reading the whole thing....

9:20 PM  
Blogger Modish Moodishta said...

yaar you stole my idea :P but lolz i wanted to write abt all my freinds.. not just blog pals..n i will soon.. :P (yah i took the hint) n this post is sooo sweet.... :D n thanks for all those copliments :") dil jit leya!! ;)

10:18 PM  
Blogger hope said...


Thankyou ji..

apne paas to shabd hi nahi kuch kehne ko..
khushi ke tears n all.. u know that fekta kapoor sop ishtyle :P

hehe.. cha gaye aap to..
yu hi aap blogging karte rahe.. ye lambi lambi post likhte rahe.. aur award baante rahe !!! *smiles*

11:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sweet v sweet... yeha bhi meree taang kheechne se baaz nahi aaye..

k..wud b awaitin ma award:P

8:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanx a lot ricky...i am flattered...its very sweet of u...pinks

11:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

btw my url is is


8:10 AM  
Blogger Colors said...

Thanks Ricky...though I have been a bad bad blogger lately, I feel honoured to be included in your award list. Its been quite a while since I came up with a post or written comments, but I couldn't resist commenting on this one, after all who doesnt like to hear nice things said about oneself. Thanks again!

The award for the most enthu, fun loving and friendly blogger - not to mention, the one who writes one of the most interesting, varied and well written posts - goes to you Ricky!

Happy blog birthday to you! Can you believe its already been 3 years!!!

8:36 AM  
Blogger Fuzzylogic said...

Aww...thanks for such sweet words Ricky!But hold on the thought of recommending me to everyone..arey yaar,mujse yahan yek sambhali nahi jaati,saare log "meri mom bano" application daal denge to mera kya hoga??:)afterall cool moms are in demand what say you?:):)
By the way Happy blog birthday. Party sharty hai ki nahi?:)

5:42 PM  
Blogger Marlee said...


You said all that for me?!! :-O Eeeeee :-D Thank you. I probably wouldn't even be Blogging had it not been for the encouragement from Mehak and you!

Here is why I visit your Blog - To have a good laugh coz u do write abt funny stuff and also learn something new :-)

May our Blogs survive until we're like toothless and surrounded with 15 grandkids :-))

As, Preeti pointed out, this is a good thing u've done, simplified and categorised all the Blogs. Now I have Blogs of diff. genres to visit.

7:24 AM  
Blogger Serendipity said...

hey ricky!

yeah, its beeen three years since i started blogging too, i remmeber when u visited my blog and left ur first comment on it...ahh i remmeber how we used to tag each other, i havent blogged that much after that, but looking at ur blogs now, i see a lot of new faces but i also see peopel from 3 years ago including neetie, colors etc. its nice that u still blog and have all ur posts from so many months...i delted most of mine, but oh welll...the memories remain :-)

8:38 AM  
Blogger The Bhandari's said...

today looking at anks blog and then coming back to urs I realised I missed my blogs third b'day :( happd to be 25th oct, 2007... now need to wait another year :D

2:05 PM  
Blogger Anz said...

Hey Thanks....being an irregular blogger...this surely brought a smile on my face.

As for the sleeping habits...they have changed a lot..for good :D

Thanks for this and Happy 3rd Blog-anniversary.

8:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

okay...this is pretty cool!!!
Thanks a lot and I think you are right about the blog world and the friendly people out here. :)

P.S.Who told u am hard-working?That's a laugh! :P

9:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ricky,
This is beautiful...Got to know many more blogger through this..and im gonna have look on all of these..
and thats great..3 yrs is a very big time..
Take care and keep blogging..

11:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who...three years & counting....just keep on moving in this beautiful journey....All the best...!

1:42 AM  
Blogger Jyoti said...

Oh! Long three years!
Well folks, if you could observe..all the awards were taken by Females!!!

Hip hip hurray!Yahan bhi auratein aagae..ya fir ricky does not have time for men!!!

he..he..just kidding.
Good to know that you had good time at blog!
Congratulations on completing three years.

8:32 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

just realised i didn't wish u a happy b'day... belated karne ki aadat jaayegi nahin na meri...

A very happy b'day to all the seventeen tomatoes!!! :)

11:27 PM  
Blogger hope said...

In anks ishtyle :P

Blog: ab to mera bday kab ka chala gaya.. ice cream.. cold drink.. cake sab finish ho gaya.. lekin ye ricky ab tak soya hai.. khud to aalsi hai hi.. mujh 3 saal ke bachche ko bhi lazy boi banaya hai..
tum aalsi ho ricky samajh mei aata hai.. tumhari umar ka takaza hai.. lekin mei to abhi bachcha hoo.. mujhko hasne khelne ka mann karta hai.. en sundar sudar kudiyo ko chedne ka mann karta hai.. so plzz mere liye ye aalas chodo.. aur kuch to mere bhale ki socho..

Ricky.. haan haan kuch sochta hoo.. zara brush karke aata hoo.. :P


1:53 AM  
Blogger Ricky said...

reema - Yea, this is true. you are one lazy girl :P

Two years, unbelievable na!! I think we have become good enough friends to not talk for a while and still remain good friends :D

Thankooo jee !!

pinks - Galti se galti ho gayee Pinks jee. Yea, lazy toh aap ho :P

4:54 PM  
Blogger Ricky said...

the bhandari's - Thank You jee!! Yea, hop onto some of the more active blogs :-)

moonie - That's a very nice compliment. Thanks!!

riddhi - Awwww!! This is so sweet Ridhs. I don't have words left after your comment :D Although, I will say that e-meeting you have been one of the highlights of my blogging. I am backing you Riddhi, don't

5:03 PM  
Blogger Ricky said...

pranshu - Hey Miss World :P

Woh aisa hain na sabzi main namak na ho toh mazza nahin aata, lagta thoda hain par swad wohi deta hain...wah wah.

Same here Buddy :D

mehak - Thank You Thank You!! LOL @ your Thank You speech.

Vande Mataram !! :P

5:06 PM  
Blogger Ricky said...

anks - I don't see you wearing Comment ka intezar kar kar ke main buddha ho gaya idhar ;)

payal - If I stole your idea then it means that I got some creative streaks too :D So, that's a compliment for me :-)

I will wait for your friends-post. Thank You jee :-)

hope - :-)

You are so cheesy and so fekta kapoorish :P

Soch lo, are you sure...lambi lambi posts :P

5:11 PM  
Blogger Ricky said...

shonno - Main aur tang kheechana...ummm...look at the good side, I will eventually increase your height :P

Award lene Dilli aa jaana :P

pinks - You are welcome Pinks. It was my pleasure all the way. Lazy me will change your url ;)

colors - You would have been included any which way. No Thanks jee, though yea I do miss your blogs :-)

Awww...such a sweet award :D Mere toh crocodile ke...oh nahin...khushi ke aansoo nikal gayee :P

Doesn't three years look so long? I mean, it seems I know you all for ages now :D

5:23 PM  
Blogger Ricky said...

fuzzylogic - You are welcome Fuzzy :D You are so Facebookish :P Cool Moms are a rarity, so you are a minority ;)

Party ka toh pata nahin, Sharty hain and you are invited...sorry for the PJ :|

marlee - Did I said something wrong :P I can still change it, you know ;)

I will have 20 grandkids, don't know about you :P

Happy Blog-hopping :D

5:28 PM  
Blogger Ricky said...

theindiangal - Hey Nitty :D,

Its so good to see you here after ages :-) Yea, I do remember those times and yes memories and friendship remains even if blogs don't :-)

the bhandari's - What a coincidence that it is my Birthday too. Now, I won't forget it :D

anubha - I am glad it did :-) Ha ha, yea they have somewhat changed and Thanks for the wishes :-)

5:32 PM  
Blogger Ricky said...

Aindrila - You are welcome jee!!

Hmmm...a lil' birdie told me that :P

mona - Thanks Mona :-) Yea, three years have been long but great years :-)

kalyan - Thanks Kalyan :-)

jyoti - Yea, long but beautiful three years :-) Acutally, there are two male bloggers, Chandu and Pranshu :P

Aurtein toh har jagah aage hain jee :D

Thanks Jyoti!!

5:36 PM  
Blogger Ricky said...

anks - Thank You jee :-) Here's one tomato for you :D

hope - Blog ko samjha dena zayada panga na le, I can change it anytime I want...he he.

**showing teeth** Brush kar leeya :D

Where is hope hiding? :P

5:39 PM  
Blogger MoonStruck Tempest said...

I am super late but man all I can say *in a corny voice* 'awwwwww' :P
Alright, I'll cut it out! It's been quite a ride, eh? I've lost track of how long I've known you. Though we don't get to have long convos like before, I hope you know that you are one of my truly cherished friends :D

PS: I still wanna be your match-maker...hehe...haha

10:12 PM  
Blogger Ricky said...

moonstruck - :D Yea, it has been quite a ride alright. And yes, I know that and its vice-versa :-)

PS: I didn't knew you specialized in making match-sticks :P

10:17 PM  
Blogger Moonie said...

Next post please !! :)

6:06 AM  
Blogger Fursat said...

hey its feeling great great--its like u landup a blog after 6 months and found ur self mentioned on blog..amazing..thanks for reminding me..waise u are not much far from my place...but lets see if destony makes us meet...

Enjoy your home trip


9:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

tum mil mereko....

4:01 AM  
Blogger Homer said...

How come most of the award winners are Galz..
or is it that u find blogs of girls so interesting than the other species?????

1:50 AM  

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