Monday, November 27, 2006

Snow, Snow Everywhere...

My cellphone was ringing. I lazily got up, picked up the cell and went to bed again. It was Mom on the other line. I don't remember what I talked with her. She may have told me about my future hone-waali and who knows I may have said "Yes", because I don't remember a thing. I kept the cell down and went to the kitchen for some water, when I saw "it". I said something like, "What the heck?". It was snowing, my first snow of the season. All my sleep went off my mind and I enjoyed the first snow of the season from my window.

There is something romantic about snow that rain cannot match. It has a certain softness, gentleness, pureness to it. There is something mystic about it, as it cleans everything around. Its almost a way for God to purify and beautify the world he created.

Victoria is not a snow-ready city. It hardly snows here and that too for a week or so. In fact, the city does not even have a working plow. I suddenly realized that it was almost time to get ready and leave for University for a meeting. I got ready and went to take the first bus. The bus was almost late by 20 minutes but the bus stand was more like a gossip-station with everyone telling their favorite snow story. I got down to catch my second bus and again there were couple of people in the bus stand exchanging snow-stories. There was this one snowboarding guy from Alberta, one local girl from Kootneys and myself. We almost became friends before realizing that it has been more than 1 hour since any bus came on this route. So, we decided to walk to University, which is a good 20 minute walk but became 50 minute because of the snow. On the way, we kept laughing at car sliding all over or stuck in some ditch. By the time I reached my lab, I almost looked like a Santa

Anyways, here are few pictures of the first snow of the season...

Waiting for the sun???

We won't get our mails soon. A mailman was stuck somewhere.

Winter Wonderland

Merry "early" Christmas!!


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Parliament House engulfed in snow

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This used to be a baseball field...

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Victoria under siege...

I am still stuck in snow but atleast it is not snowing and buses are running. I will be heading back home soon, thinking on the way, who did I say "Yes" to in the

Update: I came home to notice that there was no electricity which means, no gas, no candles, no heat, no nothing. I just cuddled in my bed, got up next day and still there was no light. Also, came to know that Victoria was closed for the day with no transportation, no school, no work. Finally, the sun came out and then the lights and am back to normal.