Thursday, August 30, 2007

Kisse Rakhi aur Sania ke...

What is this post **not** about?

1. Its not about the kiss betweek Rakhi and Sania ***shudder***
2. Its not about the festival of raksha bandhan and its significance.
3. Its not about celebrating rakhsha bandhan with Sania ***shudder square***

What is this post about?

1. Its about rakhsha bandhan but not as you would think
2. Its about Sania Mirza but has nothing to do with rakhi.
3. Its about anything but Rakhi Sawant.

Here it goes...

Part 1 - Kissa Rakhi ka...

Day before yesterday was the festival of Raksha Bandhan. So, I decided that I will buy some mithai for that day but like always forgot. The night before rakhi, I came home and my brother was showing me something on our dining table. It was a mithai ka dabba that came from India, send by my Didi. I was like, "Wow, isee kehte hain behen ka pyar. She knew that we will forget to bring some mithai and she send it along with rakhi". Anyways, we called her, talked and everything. Now, the mithai ak dabba with rakhi came from a service called We were very impressed as the mithai was awesome (kaju ki barfi) and delivery was on time.

The pack only had one rakhi though with few rice and red tilak in a packet. Me and my brother decided that we will wear it one by one, instead of only one wearing it that day (as we were expecting more rakhis in a day or two). So the next day, brother tied me rakhi and we ate mithai and then I tied the same rakhi on his wrist back. (My actual rakhi kissa has nothing to do with the above story but I was just setting everything up)

Mithai with rakhri from

Next day, I came back from work and bhai again pointed me to the dining table and guess what? Another mithai ka dabba and exactly the same as before but this one didn't had any name and this one too came from but from Mumbai. We thought, maybe Didi send us two because it had only one rakhi. Didi was online and we asked her if she did and she said, "No, I just send one mithai ka dabba".

The question is, "who is this mystery sister of ours?". Me and my brother laughed about it, that maybe Mom-Dad lost our sister in kumbh ke mele and maybe she found us by searching online or through my blog. Although later, we told our Didi to check if tajonline folks send the second one by mistake and charged her credit card. If it was a mistake then only problem is that it has increased our expectation because we will be now checking everyday to see, if we got a new mithai ka dabba. I think we should sue them for emotional distress of not getting mithai everyday (Mr, if you are reading this post please atleast send us complimentary mithai for all the publicity we are doing here)

Part 2 - Kissa Sania ka...

Today in the morning, I opened my tv while getting ready for work and to check if any of the US Open matches are going and guess who was playing? Ok, its like the lamest guess, but it was "her" (ab main apne muhn se unka naam kaise loon, chalo le leta hoon to avoid confusion, Sania Mirza). I think, I am in love again. She was looking super-hot in pink dress (and nose ring which is the sexiest thing about her) and as my brother remarked, she was looking very slim esp. since the time we last saw her playing. Infact, our good friend here saw her in Stanford a month back and said that she looks better in person than in pictures...oh la la.

Sania playing the running forehand August 31, 2007 (US Open)

The cherry on the cake was when she won that match albiet nervourslesy. Sania is really doing great with her ranking almost 25ish and can break into top 20 if she does well here. I think she should be the Idol for most Indians esp. girls rather than Malaika Sherawat (as was chosen by CNN-IBN poll). It just shows that hard work, talent and dedication can take you places (and good looks like Sania never hurts). Unfortunately, Malaika can say the same thing about herself but in a totally different context (hardwark, talent and dedication in dropping clothes that is).

My point is, Sania Rocks!! Here's wishing her all the best in future...

Kisse khatam ho gaye yaar, jaake apna apna kaam karo, ab kya mere se Ramayan sunoge...

P.S: Ok, am bad at remembering such things (typical guy) but Happy Birthday to the most wonderful blogger and person... Juneli (and thanks Aindrila for reminding me)


Blogger Ekta said...

ha post....still laughing @ the last line....pls Ricky Babaji Ramayan sunao na...

toh Boss bahut mithai khaae jaa rahe hai....ohh Ricky ki mumbai vaali sis...hmmmm

Yaa Sania should be our Idol....eeks @ Mallika Sherawat.

11:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



ye champ aur uski behno ke kisse...
ye champ aur uski sania ke kisse...


runs fast and hides *smiles*

11:48 PM  
Blogger ektaran said...

Birthday Wishes Juneli & Aindrila.

2:29 AM  
Blogger The Bhandari's said...

oh I envy you seeing all these mithai's, we wanted to eat sweet so badly on rakhi day that I even tried my hands on something which was utter disaster, meanwhile i was reading your post, ur mention to tajaonline, led me browse through that link before I cud finish up reading ur post as for few days I was searching all online shopping sites to send some gifts in india, I tried futurebazaar and ebay, rediff and indiatimes, so this site being new to me cudn't resist the temptation and yes i do find a suitable dress for my sister, but coming back to ur post puts me in dilema now whether I shud send it from this site or not, or may me someone else gets the present :P
post was really cool, after sooooooo many dys I read some post

9:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really funny post as usual.

Love the way you write.

And Thank you so much for wishing me.

You bhullakad, I knew that you would forget. You need someone to remind Birthdays :P.

Hope you don't need someone to remind even your B'day ;).

Thanks a lot once again and to Aindrila too.

10:52 PM  
Blogger Marlee said...

Ricky! Funny Post...I didnt know u drooled over Sania "that" much (eyes wide open) 8-O Yeah, she is going great guns...even though she is out of the US Open.

LMAO @ Emotional distress @ Tajonline! :-p Bakwas!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Juneli! :-)

2:08 AM  
Blogger Ricky said...

mehak - Bacha, kaunse katha sunoge aaj?

Yea, some secret sis of mine from Mumbai :P

faith - he he he!! Jalan ho rahee hain na emre kisse sunke :P

You better keep hiding...grrrrrr!!

the bhandari's - The site is good Preeti jee but am not sure how they did that mistake or do I really have some secret

Thanks for reading Preeti :-)

11:02 PM  
Blogger Ricky said...

juneli- Thanks for liking the post :-)

He he!! I forgot another birthday :-(

marlee - Yessssssssssss!! If u had read my old posts, you would have known my love for Sania :P

Kya bakwas? :P

11:05 PM  
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